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Registration of guests - automatically generated registration cards

From now on you can use automatically generated registration cards based on reservations to check in guests. You can customize the registration card template to suit your needs and thus create a document confirming the contract for the provision of hotel services at your properties.

How do I register guests?

Guest check-in is only possible on the day of arrival of the guest when the reservation is accepted. You can check in guests from several places:

  • The main page of the panel, by selecting Operations and Check-in.
  • Reservation tab -> Registration and reservations starting
  • Reservation calendar.
  • In your reservation details

Editing a report card template

By going to Administration > Configuration of document templates tab you can modify the default report card template in HTML edition and choose one of the formats in which the report card is to be generated:

  • A5 (vertical) - default
  • A4 (vertical)
  • A4 (horizontal)

Learn more about guest registration options

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