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IdoBooking Terms & Condtions and Price List update - effective from September 1, 2022

Due to the regulations in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions regarding the rules for introducing new fees, we are presenting, one month in advance, the changes to the IdBooking Price List and Terms and Conditions. They concern the amount of commission, flat rate, comprehensive configuration service and website implementation packages.

Key changes to the price list:

  • 2% commission on bookings downloaded into the system under commission based model
  • 40 EUR/GBP/USD - monthly cost flat fee model for 12 accommodation facilities
  • 4 EUR/GBP/USD - extra charge for each additional object of reservation above 12, within the flat fee model
  • 190 EUR/ 170 GBP/ 250 USD - cost comprehensive system configuration by IdoBooking consultant
  • 599 EUR/ 499 GBP/ 799 USD - graphical package of website implementation BASIC
  • 1099 EUR/ 999 GBP/ 1399 USD - graphic website implementation package ADVANCED
  • 1999 EUR/ 1899 GBP/ 2799 USD - graphic website implementation package SOPHISTICATED
  • 30 EUR/ 25 GBP/ 39 USD - hour of work related to extending the implementation package.

These changes are a reaction to market changes - inflation, tax modifications and costs of maintaining specialists in the company. On the other hand, by gaining additional funds, we will be able to further develop the panel in order to be always up-to-date with the needs of the tourism industry.

We plan to make improvements to speed up the panel and widget, thereby increasing conversions in direct sales. In addition, we want to simplify the interface of the system, which will result not only in convenience, but also in faster implementation for new employees. We will introduce a new source for obtaining bookings and this will be directly from Google. What's more, we will add support for messages from and Airbnb customers directly in the IdoBooking panel. This will virtually disappear the need to log into the extranet.

Key changes to the terms and conditions:

Section 5 of the terms and conditions regarding the method of invoicing and making settlements with IAI has been edited. The change is to issue one invoice at the end of the month, instead of doing this each time a payment is made to the billing balance. By the same token, we are no longer accepting overpayments for subsequent invoices - they will be refunded after contacting Support. We want to make the billing method transparent and this is one of the first changes in this area.

Full text of the new documents:

Detailed-pricelist for IdoBooking service
Terms and conditions