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Thanks to the possibility of a direct contact with us, you do not always have to ask the client to ask a question and you can, regardless of sales people, build and develop integration with your systems or products, and then offer your services to our mutual customers.
Built systems, integrated with IdoSell, do not have to be offered in the form of an App Store or add-ons. The way they are offered, the fees, etc. are your business as long as they do not violate the regulations of the services and do not harm the customers who use them. You also don't have to pay to be a developer and offer our clients your programs.

Please register before contacting us

The condition of receiving a reply to e-mails sent to is to register. Registration does not involve any fees and is necessary to have access to documentation or a sandbox. If you don't have an account, you don't have access to these resources. Therefore, contacts from unregistered addresses will not have developer support.

Register if you have not already done it

Scope of the possible support

Please note that as a developer, you do not have direct contact with our IT department. You are in contact with a broker who is a development support team (so-called Developers Helpdesk). The scope of possible support is limited to:* Accepting problem reports (something is not working as it should, something has not been documented)

  • Accepting and escalating expectations from developers, which will translate into future versions of API and systems
  • Providing general advice (prompting which API to use, how to optimally use the system, etc.)
  • Information on the possibilities of partner cooperation (offering access to IT, marketing, joint product development)
  • Verification of tools and the possibility of their advertising among our customers

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