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Possibility to edit a booking up to 60 days after its completion

After many discussions with our customers to learn about their needs and the way we work, we have decided to change the settings related to the booking card. It is now possible to make adjustments to dates, statuses, amounts and notes in orders up to 60 days after the end of a guest's stay.

	 Possibility to edit a booking up to 60 days after its completion

Previously, the system's operation did not allow for editing the length of stay, making additions or adjusting the value of a booking practically immediately after the end of the stay. In discussions with our customers, we found out that due to the high volume of work or staff changes, not all mandatory changes to bookings could be made on the fly. It even happened that some adjustments were only made when the stays were settled on a monthly basis. In addition, guests often extended their stay by additional days after the end of the hotel day, and reception had to add another booking instead of editing it, which also affected the accuracy of the analyses.

With our customers' needs and comfort in mind, we decided to make changes to the operation reservation-cards. Up to now, once the end date of the booking had passed, the only thing that could be entered was payment. Now, up to up to 60 days after check-out you will additionally be able to:

  • change the booking dates
  • edit booking status
  • add/change notes to an order
  • add/delete extra services.
  • freely edit the value of the reservation.

edit dates on booking card

details on booking card

On the other hand, after 2 months from the end of the booking the possibility to change is blocked.

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