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IdoBooking Terms & Condtions and Price List update - effective from December 1, 2020.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoBooking Terms and Conditions and Price List one month in advance. The new documents will apply from December 1, 2020 and includes a reduction in the commission for IdoPay transactions and an update of the subscription fees.

Reduction of commission for IdoPay to just 1.2%

Undoubtedly, one of the most awaited features released this year is extending the possibility of handling payments for reservations via IdoPay. Soon, we'll inform about a considerable revolution in the automation of charging payment cards for all clients with business register in the EU. Right now, we can share a very good news - from December 1, commissions for all types of transactions, including automatic card charges, express pay-by-link transfers and BLIK payments, will be only 1.2%. So far, the fee was 1.6% of the transaction value.

Update of subscription fees

Commission subscription

The new commission rate for reservations made via Booking Engine and Channel Manager will be 1.5%. Reservations added manually via the panel and the mobile app remain free of charge. The update will also include a symbolic annual fee for using the panel and will amount to $25/£25/25€.

The commission for bookings remains at a very attractive level, much lower than the prices of other operators in this settlement model. Several years have passed since the introduction of the commission model and during this time both the service and the market situation have changed very dynamically. We still set ourselves the goal of providing services in the most flexible and attractive model, and this relatively small increase for the first time in many years will allow us to maintain the dynamic pace of service development and a high standard of customer service.

Flat rate subscription

Flat fee is an alternative to Commission Subscription. It's advised model especially for apartment owners and managers who enjoy even occupancy level throughout the year. Changes in this billing model include:

  • up to 12 rooms/apartments at the basic subscription rate - $35/£35/35€ per month. This rate does not change, only the number of available items.
  • fee in the amount of $3/£3/3€ per month per each room/apartment above the basic limit of 12.

Other changes

Other changes in the price list include service and additional fees, which do not affect the settlements of most clients. For full transparency, please find an overview of all updates below:

Changes in the Terms & Condtions

The only change in the Terms & Condtions will be the update of the commission rate.


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