Secure reservation management with IdoBooking

One of the most important factors while making a booking is the guarantee of secure online payments and protection of personal data. Our priority is to provide you and your guests with a safe and reliable booking system. We use only the latest technologies to ensure the safety of data stored in our system.

Why you can put your trust in us:

  • We guarantee financial security – as a listed company, IdoBooking publishes regular finical reports. It gives you an opportunity check for yourself our results. Remember that financial security is the best assurance of providing customers with the highest quality service.

secure booking

  • We provide secure payment systems – to ensure the safety of data stored in our system, we obey very strict and complex policies – our systems are PCI DSS compliant and SSL protected. If it's not enough of an assurance for you, bear in mind that in order to main good cooperation with international leaders, i.e., we need to apply the most up-to-date security solutions.
  • Our system is being constantly developed – we employ a team of specialist whose sole aim is to upgrade IdoBooking to the newest standards. It can serve as a guarantee that, choosing IdoBooking, you work on a system which is modern and planned down to the finest details.
  • We design our platform from A to Z – all modifications are applied quickly and precisely. IdoBooking is an in-house solution and it gives us the security of being independent from external system.

We ensure:

  • Backup – we apply 4 different methods and use 4 independent infrastructures to back up your data on a daily basis backup, so that in case of an emergency, we are able to swiftly restore your settings.
  • PCI DSS - our system is PCI DSS compliant. The standard was introduced to have a meticulous control over data processing and to protect users from any infringements.
  • SSL – IdoBooking panel is a SSL-secured (Secure Socket Layer). It means that all stored data (i.e. information regarding your reservations and payments) is protected and codified.
  • Constant supervision of service availability – we constantly monitor the availability of the basic features and proper work of our infrastructure. If any unexpected situation occurs, we immediately know about it and take swift action to prevent it. At any time, you are able to check our system availability statistics in CSC.
  • One coherent version of the system – each client orders the same IdoBooking package under the same conditions. When we update our system, we update it globally - every client gets a chance to enjoy the newest solutions.
  • Modern server infrastructure - we pay particular attention to ensuring server infrastructure proper functioning of the system and data base. This way, our service always enables quick and trouble-free online booking.
  • [/uk/corp/privacy/policy Privacy and safety policy] - our employees obey very strict procedures when it comes to maintaining safety of the data stored in our systems.

We guarantee you:

  • Extensive event log event log in IdoBooking- all operations performed in the IdoBooking admin panel are recorded in the event log. Thanks to this feature, we're able to promptly determine who made specific changes in the settings, such as rate or reservation modification.
  • Easy access to the admin panel – the whole IdoBooking service is cloud-based – there's no need to download or install anything. All that you need to manage your business is always at your fingertips.