Support center

"Support center" enables audio, video and text communication from the browser level as part of one, intuitive tool to obtain support for IdoSell and IdoBooking customers. Thanks to this, contact with our support department is very friendly and functional, no matter what country you call from. By using the module you will get the most accurate solution to your questions as soon as possible. You can also share your browser view with one click, thanks to which a conversation with a consultant is more like meeting at a shared table than a traditional helpline.

Thanks to the Support center you will contact our support department using browser via a video call, voice call or traditional ticket. After choosing the topic you will be able to decide if you want to wait for a voice or video call (if available in the given topic) or if you prefer to send a ticket.

See how to use audio / video support and a shared screen

The IAI Support center is a unique way in which we serve our clients. You have them always at hand in your Customer Service Centre (BOK).

If you already use IdoBooking and:

  • you have any doubts or something is incomprehensible to you,
  • you have noticed a fault and want to report it,
  • you want to commission a new work,
  • some function in the administration panel is difficult for you,

just one click!

Using the "Support" center does not require any specialized software or device - a modern browser and a microphone for audio connections are sufficient, and a webcam for video connections. First, you specify the topic of the conversation to see if an expert in the field is available.

If so, you can talk to them or send a ticket. At the same time, you see who is an expert in a given field or who replaces that person. If the person is not there, you can leave a message in the form of a ticket and they will contact you as soon as possible. You can be sure that the case will never be omitted, because we mark handled and unsettled matters differently.

You are informed about the progress of the implementation or the answers in the same place, and in addition you receive an e-mail. If your employees made contact with us, you can review the issues they addressed to us and get involved in solving the problem. Messages and notes from audio and video conversations related to orders are enriched with information on the status of implementation and the cost of the order. You don't have to ask about the deadline to plan your work, you get this information automatically when you accept the order.

This unique technology allows us to divide time among many clients in the case of tickets, and in the case of audio and video calls to serve clients even more efficiently by sharing the screen or not losing time for identification. The Support module allows each client to feel surrounded by full care. Thanks to efficient and reliable service, you will get the impression as if we were the next, most competent employee of your own company. And all without additional fees for access to technical support, going on vacation and sick leave.

You can also contact our partner. Simply select I want to contact the partner at the stage of topic selection.

If you want to quickly explain the matter, use the audio or video connection

Please note that - although our consultants are numerous - they focus primarily on receiving audio and video calls. Therefore, if you want an immediate response, we recommend using an audio or video connection instead of sending a ticket. This may, however, be associated with the time it takes to answer the call. At the same time, we remind you that - despite the fact that tickets are recorded around the clock - you will receive non-critical responses only on business days, during our consultants' business hours.