Direct contact to server administrators

Server administrators automatically monitor all our systems. If it happens that you see that your site is unavailable, displays obvious errors indicating a failure of e.g. a database or other service, sessions do not work (information is lost between etc. - you can report such a case 24/7 by writing directly to the address served by server administrators i.e.

It is worth submitting, because not all types of errors can be caught automatically. Sometimes the error only appears on one of the subpages, which was not caught by the monitoring system.

If you have problems with updating data to OTA services integrated via Channel Manager, first try to manually force data sending in your admin panel. To do this:

  • go to the Channel Manager tab in the admin panel,
  • select a site and then go to Operations> Edit Mapping (last column on the right),
  • in the column Data sending you will find a link force sending data, which will refresh the connection.

By default, data is sent automatically, but if you want to speed up the process in the selected OTA service after making changes to the IdoSell panel, this option should help. If the situation has not improved, check your pricing and availability settings to make sure that the unavailability is not due to, for example, missing prices in rate plans or a closed calendar.

Do not send errors to this address, such as:

  • integration with third-party websites, i.e. payments, marketplaces, etc. - administrators are not programmers and analysis of these types of problems requires analysis by a programmer who does not work around the clock. Please note that very often such problems cease after some time on their own (without changes on our side), so if it is night it is worth waiting until morning to report the problem. Often, the problem can be solved thanks to the built-in event log, which allows contact directly with the support of the integrated service.
  • program errors - if the server is available and some module has an error, please report it by contacting our Support
  • blocked access to the panel due to arrears in payments - you can solve this problem by logging in to BOK and unblocking your system yourself
  • emails from your own website monitoring systems' - systems often generate unnecessary warnings; if it is detected that your monitoring works like this, the address may be marked as spamming, which may later hinder contact

Before reporting an error, the website is unavailable, be sure to test the connection on another device, another browser on the same computer, and preferably if you are working via a terrestrial connection, try to turn off Wifi from your smartphone. If you can connect, it means that the problem lies in your internet connection and should not be reported to us.