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IdoBooking Widget website integration – most frequently asked questions

What is the head section?

If you want your website to have a standards-compliant layout, properly display elements and be appropriately indexed in search engines, it must include:

  • brief indication of its HTML version
  • a head section, i.e. the <head> element
  • the content, i.e. the web page <body> element

The <head> section contains information on the website. The most important information is:
- the page title, which displays in browser toolbars and Internet search engine results. It is crucial for page positioning!
- the page description, which also is displayed in search results
- information about the page encoding, which is required to properly display Polish characters on a website
- you can also add keywords, attach css style sheets or javascript files, etc.

  • The <body> section contains your website content, that is everything that will be displayed in the browser window.

What should I do if a page element overlaps with a button or booking widget?

Every website element (e.g. a picture) is embedded on a specific level. This level is specified by the z-index parameter, which is set using CSS styles. An element with a higher z-index parameter value overlaps an element with a lower one. The z-index parameter is set to 101 for the booking widget, and to 100 for the button.

If the booking widget or its button is overlapped by another website element, this means that the z-index value of that element is higher than the values used for the booking elements. In such a case, you need to change the value of the elements that overlap the button or the booking widget to less than 100.