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The centre of opportunity from Airbnb - effective tips to improve sales

Airbnb has prepared individual guidelines for each property on what settings are worth applying to improve sales through this portal. What's more, these guidelines can be found directly in the IdoBooking dashboard and from there, changes can be made to the Airbnb extranet with a single click.

The centre of opportunity from Airbnb

Each of the booking portals is constantly introducing new features related to the presentation of the property, which make it easier for guests to find the perfect place to stay. Adding these settings can also affect search engine ranking and thus increase the chances of new bookings. On the other hand, when a listing is on several portals, it can be extremely difficult to keep up to date with every new listing.

This is why Airbnb has introduced a convenient tool that analyses a property's performance at each stage of the booking process and compares it to other flats or rooms in the same category. All of this is done to learn the areas that need to be improved in the listing to potentially gain more bookings. Once this knowledge is gained, the system creates a list of features that are worth introducing to Airbnb.

Thanks to the advanced integration with Airbnb, all these tips can be found directly in the IdoBooking dashboard. And that's not all, you can implement most of them with a single click of our system. This way you are always up to date with new settings and have black and white indicated places worth more attention. When you handle a lot of flats, the directions are laid out so that you can immediately see what's missing where.

You can access the Airbnb Opportunity Centre by clicking 'Operations -> Opportunity Centre' on the Airbnb mapping page.

opportunity center

There you will see a list of tips to help you gain new bookings through the portal. Clicking 'take action', directs you to the right place where you can add settings to the Airbnb extranet, while 'apply changes', immediately implements them.

I take action - opportunity center Airbnb

A similar possibility centre is available when integrating with

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