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Important changes to Google Maps usage allowing to avoid errors on your IdoSell website

Google Cloud - Google Maps Platform

So far, to display Google Maps on your IdoSell website, you only had to provide your location details in the admin panel. Recently, Google put limitations on the free display of maps on websites. Thus, any website which doesn't have its own Google Maps API key may generate errors if maps are displayed too often.

Due to the fact that our clients have been using a common, universal key, more and more often in the place of maps on your IdoSell website, you could see:

To avoid this, we added a new feature allowing you to enter own Google Maps API key in the admin panel. Thanks to this, instead of viewing the information about the error, you will be able to display maps correctly. If you exceed the limit of free calls, you'll be able to buy a larger package.

Learn how to generate an individual key for Google Maps