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IdoBooking Price List update - effective from February 1, 2021.

While retaining update conditions included in the Agreement and the existing Terms and Conditions, we present changes in the IdoBooking Terms and Conditions and Price List one month in advance. In February, we are not introducing any changes to the current prices and conditions of use of the Service. The new version of the Price List includes a fee for the new module - Property Owner Panel. We'll share more details about this feature soon.

New feature - Property Owner Panel

In the new version of the Price List, you can find a new fee: Property owner panel - $5/£5/5€ per month in Commission-based model and Flat fee model.

What is the property owner panel? Soon, we will present more information about this very much expected feature, which extends the existing panel users rights with a special role for the apartment owner. This module is the answer to the needs of many property managers who want to provide apartment owners with a simple view of IdoBooking calendar, including the possibility of adding own reservations and viewing settlement reports, which take into account various settlement modes (including calculation of property manager commission, or settlement without extra services and commissions of OTAs).

This module will be charged with a small fee of $5/£5/5€ per month, regardless of the number of users with the Owner rights.

Full text of new documents:

Detailed IdoSell Booking Price List