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IAI receives PCI DSS level 1 security certificate

IAI as the only provider of online store systems in Poland is certified with the highest level of security, PCI DSS level 1, required e.g. by Visa and MasterCard to store card numbers.

The PCI DSS certificate (short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) applies to IAI Pay services, IdoSell Shop and IdoSell Booking. Level 1 of the certificate is a certificate of the highest level of security, which does not limit the types of services or annual turnover. To achieve this, the service provider has to build an appropriately secure infrastructure, which is then audited by a company with the appropriate permissions, and to pass penetration tests correctly. In addition, a company with PCI DSS has to have a formally operating network security cell and proactively counteract possible attacks and threats.

PCI DSS level 1 certificate is a huge achievement of the IAI technical team, confirming the highest competences and standards used for the safety of our clients. Thanks to this certificate, we will be able to offer our clients new services in the future, and today we can say it straight. With IAI, merchants can feel technically secure as in a bank - Paweł Fornalski, IAI CEO