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A brand-new electronic document creator allows you to automatically sign a contract, contract assignment or contract termination via the CSC

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why we decided to create a dedicated tool to minimize paperwork and speed up the process of verifying contracts, assignments and contract terminations. Every client can generate and electronically sign all necessary documents in few easy steps.


So far, after ordering IdoSell Shop or IdoSell Booking, every client had to print the contract, sign it and send it to our headquarters. Delivery time and verification process could take several days. From legal perspective, the client could not use the full scope of the service until they completed all formalities. It could have caused unnecessary delays in launching online sales. To meet the expectations of our clients, we decided to simplify and reduce the formalities to the minimum. We fully understand that conclusion of the contract should be smooth and quick. That's why, from now on, you can generate and electronically sign the contract directly in the CSC.

Assignment of Contract

You can also change your company name and address in the CSC/Account management tab. It allows you to quickly modify the data without having to go through the contract assignment procedure. If your VAT no. has changed or you want to change the owner of the system, you can swiftly and efficiently conduct the assignment by generating all necessary documents in just three steps. The whole procedure is fully electronic which allowed us to provide it free of charge.

Contract Termination

If for some reason you decide to end the cooperation with us, don't worry, this procedure is also hassle-free. Having your best interest in mind, we reduced the formalities to the minimum. Now, the contract termination is very easy and intuitive. Please remember we are well-equipped to meet your expectations and avoid the termination of our cooperation. Before you make this difficult decision, contact our support team and we will try to do everything to help you.


Until now, the PIN was assigned and forwarded to the client at the time of signing the contract by IAI S.A. If the client had forgotten the password, they would have to contact the Support. From now on, the PIN is sent to the client phone number shortly after the installation of the IdoSell system. You can also modify the PIN in the CSC/Account management tab. After requesting this operation, you will receive a new PIN in a text message sent to the phone number provided in the Account management tab.

Soon, the PIN will be a key element necessary to make changes in a greater number of modules, including the payment profiles. Therefore, we suggest revising your PIN or, for security reasons, generating a new one. In this way, the most important modules will be additionally secured, even in a situation when your password has leaked to an unauthorized party. We will also remove the security restrictions for the so-called untrusted (mobile) networks.

Data change

To ensure the highest level of security, any change in your company data has to be now confirmed with the PIN. Also, the procedure of generating and processing electronic documents requires the PIN verification. If you forget your PIN, you can reset in the CSC/Account management tab.

Your current data is still valid and required by our Terms and Conditions. You can use the new module to complete all the formalities which you didn't manage to do before, either due to the lack of time or unwillingness to deal with the paperwork.

You can already check the module in your CSC, and over the coming weeks, we will make the documents available for all IdoSell Shop and Booking clients.